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equipment rentals offers 4 different rental packages you can see them below, if you are in a location where we are not we can hook you up with the Local affiliated kitesurfing school to get you kitted out with some equipment for rent.  We cannot though guarantee the quality of the gear unless the gear is rented directly from us.

complete package
Include kite, boards & line, boards & harness
3,500 Baht
1,200 Baht
  complete package

kite only
2,000 Baht
750 Baht
kite only
board only
1000 Baht
350 Baht
board only

One day rental is based on sunrise to sunset, you must do a small test to prove you can handle the Kite and gear before we rent it too you (not required for Board or Harness rentals). We will only rent the kite to people who know how to Kiteboard, if you are a beginner we recommend you take lessons at our Kitesurfing School before you attempt to rent any gear.

Please note you are fully responsible for the equipment you are renting, if any damages occurs during your rental period you will be required to pay for the damage, if the Kite surfing equipment ends up completely mangled then you are required to replace the monetary value of the damaged items (you can take home the mangled equipment if you wish)

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