Kite Zone – Phuket offers top level Kitesurfing Lessons!

At Kite Zone we ensure that all lessons are carried out with 100% safety in mind. Step by step students are shown many different flying and safety techniques they need to know to be a competent pilot of a water kite.

After approximately 3-5 hrs of training the student will have learned all the necessary techniques to the point that they are soon ready to try riding the board. Learning with small groups to each instructor makes a huge difference in your learning time and enables students to progress quicker and safer. We will only teach you in shallow water, this means your instructor is right beside you during the early stages of training. Lessons are in clear spots away from other ocean and beach users to ensure that nobody gets hurt.

At Kite Zone we use only new, top of the range Ozone kites from the current year. Ozone has always been one of the top kite manufacturers on the market pushing and revolutionizing the designs of kites and safety systems. We have proudly been Thailand’s sole importer of this brand since 2007. With this equipment the students realize in the first minutes how good the technology is and with the latest safety systems at their fingertips this adds huge confidence and maximizes the time spent learning.

Get Certified!

All our students are certified with an IKO card whether you make 1hr or 10hr.

  • IKO Level 1 (basic kite flying skills out & in the water) 2-4hrs
  • IKO Level 2 (Kite & Board together riding but not upwind) 6-10hrs
  • IKO Level 3 (upwind, slide turns, toe side & jumping) hr by hr
  • Race Board Riding or Tricks from competition level riders, hr by hr

This year we have IKO level 1&2 lessons available in 10 languages:



Kiteboarding Lesson Prices