Conditions for kite surfing here in Thailand are varied, a mix of medium and light wind depending on the season.
Our north east season is with average wind speeds around 12-18kts, clear skies and stable, these are Thailand’s high season months (November –April). At this time of year we have very little if any rain.

Our monsoon season (mid May – mid October) is quite different, wind comes from the west, we do have some 12-18kts, clear sky days but normally leading up to a few days of wet and wild conditions as the low pressure sets in.On the stronger days we see winds of 20-25kts.

There is one thing that is consistent whatever time of the year you come to kite in and around Phuket and that’s the glorious temperature! 26-33 degrees air temp day or night, ocean temperature is a steady 28 degrees, no need for wet suits here! – For Live wind statistics and forecast